Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition 2019


Exhibition   The Fashion Awards 2019 (details are mentioned below)

Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition-cum-Sale of Women's Clothing and Accessories 

An exhibiton to encourage Women empowerment. Empowering Women. Powering Nation.

We connect artisans and fashion designers directly to potential customers and thereby increase their livelihood, remove middlemen, help them create / promote their brand and thereby preserve our culture, traditions and values. We believe this journey will not only help artisans / designers of India but also help customers discover and buy products which they otherwise are not able to do today

Who all can Participate? 

•    Apparels designers for women, men, and kids
•    Jewellers and fashion jewellery designers
•    Accessories designers
•    Beauty products and service providers
•    Footwear designers, providers
•    Gifts and favours
•    Handbags and clutches
•    Home décor service providers
•    Home furnishing brands
•    Food and beverages providers
•    Cosmetic brands, and much more 

Why Participate?

•    We help you reach your target audience
•    We want to enable a handshake between buyers and sellers
•    We bring a large contingent of renowned designers, entrepreneurs and exhibitors from all over India.
•    Promotions start 60 days before the exhibition
•    Target customers are from the upper middle class and elite section of the society
•    Our exhibition is a platform to reach out to a customer base of 10,000-15,000+ in 2-3 Days flat
•    Our exhibition has special mindshare with aspiration, trendsetting consumers
•    Market perception of exhibition is of premier segment in the minds of the people
•    Every potential customer will get to know about your products
•    We create awareness of your brand to the target audience as well as smooth entry in unexplored territory
•    Be exposed to a large, relevant group of potential customers before, after and during the exhibition
•    Associating with us will benefit the designer in developing closer and better relationship with customers
•    We shall conduct exhibitions at regular intervals
•    We have received tremendous response from different parts of the country due to great social support

How do we Promote our Events?

•    Extensive marketing plan: Pre Event, On the day of Event and Post Event
•    Advertisements through pamphlets, newspapers, etc.
•    Insertions in the newspapers
•    Hoardings at prime locations
•    Posters at prime locations
•    Online promotions
•    Promotion through SMS (Mobile Marketing)
•    Personal invitations 
•    Digital marketing through facebook, instagram, twitter, e-mails, etc.
•    Attractive photo booth 
•    Videography and photography 

Sponsors and Promotions:

A brand building opportunity for sponsors and partners as Social Activities in Indian Framework is closely associated with community. Around 10,000 to 15,000 people expected to visit our exhibition in 2-3 days time. We will try to register each and every visitor for future references. In our exhibition, large walk-in customers can be directly targeted. It can be a great platform for our Sponsors and Partners to launch any new scheme or promote business plans during our exhibitions to gain maximum mileage

Main Sponsor:

•    Logo in all the promotional advertisements for print media or any other on ground media.
•    On venue promotions including main gate.
•    Representation in the press conference*
•    Logo in all hoardings, signage and other brandings
•    Logo on invitations / tickets
•    Link to the sponsor website (in our website;


•    Logo in all promotional advertisements for print media 
•    On venue promotions.
•    Logo in all hoardings, signage and other brandings.
•    Logo on invitations / tickets
•    Link to the sponsor website (in our website;

Stall Booking and Payments: 

Stall booking shall be deemed as completed, only after FULL PAYMENT is received 15 days before the commencement of exhibition. Payments can be made:

1.    By NEFT / IMPS / RTGS in the account of SOCIAL ACTIVITIES IN INDIAN FRAMEWORK, Current Account No.50370934082, IFSC Code: ALLA0212734, Allahabad Bank, Jasola, New Delhi 


2.    By DD drawn in favour of "SOCIAL ACTIVITIES IN INDIAN FRAMEWORK" payable at New Delhi


11:00 am to 8:00 pm 

Date and Venue:

May .... 2019 (to be announced shortly)


Friday & Saturday 


20,000+ estimated visitors 
50+ estimated exhibitors 

Entry Fees:

Free for the visitors 

Stall Size:

2m*2m + 1 table, 1 chair, 1 fascia name (standard) 

Stall Cost

(1) Ultra Early Bird Offer, till March 31, 2019: 

Rs.15,000/- per day * 2 days = Rs.30,000 + GST 18%. Total Rs.35,400/-

(2) Early Bird Offer, from April 1 to 7, 2019: 

Rs.17,500/- per day * 2 days = Rs.35,000 + GST 18%. Total Rs.41,300/-

(3) Super Saver, from April 8 to 14, 2019: 

Rs.20,000/- per day * 2 days = Rs.40,000 + GST 18%. Total Rs.47,200/-

(4) Regular, from April 15 to 21, 2019: 

Rs.22,500/- per day * 2 days = Rs.45,000 + GST 18%. Total Rs.53,100/-

Book Your stall and sell your products to every visitor. The finest way to showcase your talent. So don't wait. Book Your space now!

Write to us for more information, stall booking, sponsorship / partnership, registration at:

Thank you!



The Fashion Awards for Excellence 2019 will be held on May ...... 2019 at 7:00pm   


Each award provides the recipient with a Certificate and a Memento


•    Award enables the winner to reach out to society with renewed confidence by leveraging on the immense marketing and PR value of the award.

•    The award ceremony will be covered by digital and social media channels.

•    The winner will be on a new high, a fast-track route to recognition of commitment to excellence.

•    The winner will enjoy publicity that will establish reputation as a proven provider of exemplary levels of services.

•    The winner will be able to use the award certificate in all brochures, leaflets, advertisements, websites and promotional collaterals.



Nominations may be submitted online to the FASHION & LIFESTYLE EXHIBITION at by individuals, institutions, or organizations, specifying the award(s) applied for and for whom. Self-nominations are also permitted. Nominations should be accompanied by the Nomination form along with the following materials (soft copy) in order for the nominations to be considered by the jury.


Nomination (not more than five A4 pages) describing the nominee’s salient features and achievements for the specific award.


The nominee’s qualifications, achievements and resume (not more than five A4 pages).

Experts of the FASHION & LIFESTYLE EXHIBITION will review each nomination thoroughly and shortlist suitable nominations to be considered for selection. The experts have broad discretion and may re-assign a nominee to an Award other than the one nominated for. Upon selection by the jury, award winners will be informed by e-mail within the stipulated time period. The decision of the jury will be final and binding.

Nominations received without the Sponsorship contribution will not be considered. In case, nomination is not accepted, the Sponsorship contribution will be refunded.

Category of Fashion Awards 2019

1.    Most admired women’s wear brand of the year
2.    Most admired kid’s wear brand of the year
3.    Most admired girls wear brand of the year
4.    The outstanding fashion designer of the year 
5.    The innovative fashion designer of the year 
6.    The women retail professional of the year
7.    The women brand professional of the year
8.    The women entrepreneur of the year
9.    The women brand of the year – girls wear
10.    The women brand of the year – women’s inner wear
11.    The brand of the year – women’s Indian ethnic wear
12.    The brand of the year – women’s western wear
13.    The brand of the year – women’s denim wear
14.    The outstanding accessories designer of the year 
15.    The most admired women clothing company of the year
16.    Life time achievement award of the year


Please get in touch with us today if you don’t find your category, or would like to suggest a relevant one, or need more information or help in filing your nomination for the FASHION AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE 2019


There is no prescribed pro-forma for nominations. The jury reserves the right to select awardees.


1.    Individual: Rs.10,000 + taxes  
2.    Institution / Organization: Rs.15,000 + taxes 

Terms and Conditions:

1.    Sponsorship contribution payable for nomination of an award is: Individual-INR 10,000; Institution / Organization-INR 15,000.

2.    Nominations can be made for more than one award, but Sponsorship contribution has to be paid for each award.

3.    Award winners are allowed to attend the entire program on February 16 and 17. In case, award winner is unable to attend the program, the award will be couriered on “to pay” basis.

4.    In case, nominee is not selected for award, Sponsorship contribution will be refunded.

The entry deadline is open. Nominate Now!




May 2019, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm